Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Apa Kata Mereka Tentang Bersih 3.0??

Wajib tonton video mengenai pendapat dan kenyataan daripada seorang lawyer bernama Ranjit Singh Dhillon mengenai Bersih 3.0 yang diadakan baru² ini.

So apa kata anda?

Setuju ataupun tidak?

A lawyer has openly questioned the Bar Council’s impartiality and professionalism in its reaction to the Bersih 3.0 rally in a video that is now being circulated online.
The lawyer, Ranjit Singh Dhillon, singled out Bar Council president Lim Chee Wee, reminding him that the council was not a political body and asked if it was being “hijacked”.
Referring to an interim report of council’s monitoring teams on the April 28 sit-in protest, Ranjit questioned why was there a need to publish it so soon.
“…the haste in which the report was churned out, frankly speaking, I don’t know what the rush was for. This is an issue of national interest. We, as a professional body, should take time to coordinate with the relevant agencies and come out with a detailed report. Is the Bar Council a professional body or is it being hijacked by certain others?” asked the criminal lawyer.
Ranjit said that Lim had “shot himself in the foot” when the report mentions that police were “not provoked” but on another page, it was recorded that the police were taunted.
“Now what is the Bar Council president talking about? He is the leader of a professional body, and yet in the space of 26 pages, he has contradicted himself.
“Next, he has completely kept quiet about what started the stampede. Are we professionals? Are we lawyers, Mr president? Please give us the full picture of what happened that day.”
Ranjit also defended the police, saying that they been “patient” when protesters initially barged through the barricades at Dataran Merdeka.
It was only when the crowd became “unruly” and “property was damage” that they acted, he said.
He also commended the police for admitting that there are a few bad apples in the force.
“Are we in the Bar Council honest enough to admit there are a few rotten apples on top of the heap? Please give us an answer. We are members of this professional body. We don’t want to be trapped into a cesspool of your [Lim's] creation.”
Ranjit also said that the Bar Council seems to have been strangely silent on who instigated the breaching of the barricades.
“Law is technical… we owe a duty to the Ahmads, Ah Chongs and Muniandys in the streets to paint a full picture of what happened and let them judge. We are not a political body, let us remind ourselves of that.”
‘Don’t let us down’

Ranjit also called for a proper report based on an “exhaustive” study of the whole situation. “You are the only professional body we can count on, don’t let us down.”
Meanwhile, when contacted, Lim said he has not seen the video but has been informed of its existence and contents.
“I urge this member to attend the extraordinary general meeting [this Friday] to air his view there for debate. This EGM on police misconduct is no different from those held in 1998 after the reformasi rally crackdown and the arrest of legal aid lawyers in 2009. The council welcomes debate and dissenting views,” Lim told FMT.

On May 1, the Bar Council’s interim report was critical of the police, saying that brutality against protesters during Bersih 3.0 was worse than Bersih 2.0.
The interim report was a compilation of reports from 78 of the council’s volunteer observers positioned at six locations on the ground.
Lim had reportedly said that a breach of the barricades did not justify the disproportionate force used by police that went against international standards.
Bersih 3.0 saw some 80,000 people turning up in the streets of Kuala Lumpur demanding election reforms.
The rally turned ugly when some protesters breached the barricades at Dataran Merdeka, declared off limits by the government. The police fired tear gas and water cannon at protesters and arrested about 500 protesters.
Police have been accused of using excessive violence on protesters, and even media personnel, while protesters also have been blamed for the chaos.

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