Sunday, June 10, 2012


First of all, I would like to thank Sivanaeswaran Yuvabalan  for commenting on my article  "THE PTPTN SAGA CONGRATULATIONS @khalednordin @mediaumno".

However, I do not agree with your comment. To give justice to my readers, let's have a look at your comment and go through it line by line. The comment is as below:

Stop posting incorrect information now really.

What information that I posted was incorrect? This was not highlighted by your good self. Was it student needs PTPTN or PR lead governments in the country could not provide free education? I am sorry to say this but both of the information is correct up till the time I am writing this response which is:

1. Students NEEDS PTPTN
2. PR lead governments have not provided free education

MB Khalid had this to say,

Khalid said that as a short-term solution, Unisel will be utilising its assets – namely land – to help those who are having difficulties continuing their studies.

Why short term and Land needs to be sold? The Selangor MB has been foaming from the mouth claiming that they have RM Billions of dollars in cash reserve,where has all the money gone? The money could simply be used to fund this students. Would not that be more appropriate?

No doubt your going to say that its a short-term solution, but you have to be fair to him because, he came up with that short-term solution in less than a day. If he was given more time he maybe able to give a permanent solution. 

He has been MB for 4 years now, why didn't when PR took over Selangor free education was implemented? Are you telling me has been sleeping for the last 4 years?

If there is anyone to congragulate it would be MB Khalid and definetely NOT Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin. It was utterly childish of them to treat politics as a childs play. They should not abuse their powers esspecially when the rakyat have to face the brunt. Smart move of them to unfreeze the loans after they realized it was a bad move in the first place.

I could not agree with your statement. The DPM and Higher Education Minister has managed to demonstrate and proof to the people that PR is mere rhetoric and empty promises.

Do please report more accurately though. And by the way I'm not a supporter of any and I myself don't believe in free education. So yeah.

Still, what information was inaccurate? I believe the students needs PTPTN and PR can't provide free education and it is just an election ploy to win in the next GE. 

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