Monday, July 30, 2012

Edisi Moreh : Lajim Ukim To Be Chief Minister of Sabah Bah

Lajim Ukim : The next C.M of Sabah

Datuk Seri Lajim Ukim has now resigned all his post in Sabah. This is confirmed. However, i am utterly disgusted with DS Lajim's decision to not quit UMNO and his post as a deputy minister. Why does a person, who has made public his displeasure and no confidence in Barisan Nasional/UMNO still wants to be in the party?

This i can conclude is because he wants to be sacked from UMNO, thus he can potray himself as a champion of the people of Sabah. A very clever game indeed and the prime minister has to be very careful in this matter. However, prior to quitting his post in Sabah, Lajim had said that the main reason for his unhappiness was the government had not done anything in his contituency i.e issue of flood and etc. This i find very suprising. In the first place, Lajim as a MP and division leader has clearly failed in his duties. How come as a leader for nearly 18 years, the issue of flooding could not be solved?Lajim must be sleeping on his job.

Now, Anwar has taken the opportunity to ride on Lajim's resignation and bring him into supporting Pakatan Rakyat. This is actually very good as i for one would like all bloody parasites in UMNO to be removed, and clean, honest and hardworking candidates are choosen for the coming General Election.

What interesting Lajim now is being mentioned as a possible candidate to be the Chief Minister of Sabah. What a u - turn for a person who only has his own interest at heart.

Source : KL Chronicle

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