Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Dah kene bayar dengan Teresa Kok Ke? (RBF)

Dato Chamil Wariya, the man behind the so called controversy cerpen a.k.a short story that is said to be a story related to Teresa Kok has now back stabbed his former employers Utusan Malaysia. However, i am not going to go into his personal life or what not, but i am more interested is to dissect his statements to the press and show the public that this guy is a real hypocrite.

First of all, referring to Malaysiakini, it stated that:

Malaysian Press Institute chairperson Chamil Wariya and Utusan Malaysia have apologised to Seputeh MP Teresa Kok for slander in an article entitled Politik Baru YBJ, published by the Sunday edition of the Umno-owned daily on Oct 12, 2008.
Ok, i don't have a problem with someone apologizing if they are wrong (not like Teresa Kok : Read here), nevertheless i have a problem when someone lies to cover their ass. Below is the statement from Chamil's lawyer:

Chamil's lawyer Zalil Mohd Mess in a statement of apology read out in the High Court today, said the article had been twisted by Utusan Malaysia's weekend edition, Mingguan Malaysia, without Chamil's agreement.

"Not only has my work been twisted by Utusan Malaysia, I was not even consulted on the changes.

"However, they used my name in the article and I was not paid a honorarium for the work," 

However, i find this statement by Chamil's lawyer very insulting and Malaysian's are not stupid. If really Utusan had twisted Chamil's story, can Chamil share with the public his original story that he submitted to Utusan?

Furthermore, since he said that Utusan had "twisted" his story, why was he quiet until the day that Teresa Kok sued him in court?

In addition, i am also curious to the settlement that he agreed with Teresa Kok. Looking at his disgust to Utusan for not paying him honorarium, is it possible that now he is under Teresa Kok's payroll to hit back at Utusan?

Look at his statement previously and ask ourselves why the sudden change?

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