Sunday, April 6, 2014

#MH370 Anwar Patut Cakap Semua Negara Di Dunia Ni Pakai Radar Cap Ayam @mpkotabelud #1Malaysia @GoTeamRD

He did it again. At the time when Malaysia needs understanding and solidarity, Anwar stooped low for some lousy political brownie points. By accusing the government of hiding information on #MH370, Anwar once again showed why he is ingenuously cunning and politically manipulative.

Anwar conveniently chose international media to demonise the nation when he can easily ask probing questions on #MH370 directly to the government. 26 nations, many with much more sophisticated technology than Msia could not detect #MH370. But no, Anwar saw it fit to belittle Malaysia.
#MH370 flew near Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia airspace. All have primary radar and secondary radar. Why Anwar picked on Malaysia alone?

All of South East Asia is intensely monitored by satellites by certain countries, overtly and covertly. Why Anwar picked on Malaysia's inadequacy alone?

Heavily monitored US eastern seaboard was breached on 911. Can Anwar understand that some things don't just comply to his logic?

So Anwar, you are just simply being a lousy politician when what the nation needs from the opposition at the moment is a statesman.



  1. agree with your this situation,Anwar's comment will not gain him any political mileage.his just making a fool out of himself .
    Please ,to the opposition parties,in this hard times,be a statesman not politicies situation.

  2. inilah pemimpin yg mengaku amat cerdik,tiada orang lain yg cerdik selain dirinya.


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