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RapidKL Monorail Moves Closer To Four-Car Train Service #1Malaysia @NajibRazak @MyRapidKL @gtp_roadmap

KUALA LUMPUR 14 April -- After two days of service suspension, RapidKL Monorail Line resumed normal service today, taking a huge step closer to the introduction of its new four-car trains after a very successful trial operation on its new signalling system over the weekend.

Boosted by a smooth-running, well-planned and an incident-free trial operation, the exercise, which was originally scheduled for 52 continuous hours from 12.01am on Saturday, ended more than 10 hours ahead of schedule.
“As at 5.30pm yesterday, we have officially concluded the full trial operations. We will now work on documenting the results for submission to SPAD and continue working on getting all the 12 new four-car trains to our new depot.

“Two of the new four-car trains are already here at the new depot undergoing testing prior to commissioning of service. One is already ready at the Rawang plant and scheduled for delivery in May. The project is definitely well-on track,” said RapidKL Monorail Line Chief Operating Officer, Encik Abdul Hadi Amran.

He was referring to the RM494-million RapidKL Monorail Fleet Expansion Project (RKLMFEP) which was launched in 2011 and inclusive of replacing the current fleet of two-car monorail trains with 12 new four-car trains, upgrading of all 11 monorail stations, construction of a new depot which is now already in operations and replacement of the current signalling system, which has been in service since 2003.

“The new signalling system has been installed and already tested and proven for operations. Without doubt, the trial operation was a massive success. We are very happy with the full running of the operation,” Hadi added.

The two-day trial operation commenced with a continuous 14-hour test of the main line normal operations with 10 two-car trains before proceeding with the second phase on degraded mode for 12 hours. It later proceeded with another 9-hour continuous test in normal and degraded mode for the monorail depots before shifting back to the current system with 10 trains running on the Main Line.

In the two-day unavailability absence of the monorail service, a special bus shuttle service was put in place by RapidKL bus service, providing services to three designated routes and covering all the monorail stations.

With a nominal charge of RM1 per trip and a 50 percent discount for concession card holders including students, senior citizens and those with disability, the service recorded a ridership of more than 15,000 for the two days.

Commenting on the two-day service, RapidKL bus services Chief Operating Officer Encik Mohd Azam Omar said he was satisfied with the response from the commuters, though noted that there were some complaints from the public.

“We had teething problems on early Saturday morning with some commuters with the locations of our bus stops after they missed our signages. But, with assistance from our ground staff, the operations later proceeded smoothly. I don’t think we were carrying all the regular monorail commuters, though.

“As we have given ample notice to members of the public on the two-day suspension of service, I believe that most of the regular monorail users have worked on alternative mode of transport for the weekend.

“We are happy that we are able to be of service and that the whole exercise on the monorail signalling system proceeded smoothly. Like all other Malaysians, we look forward to the introduction of the four-car trains and to give the supporting feeder service to the commuters,”

The current RapidKL Monorail Line service, which operates with 11 two-car trains and a capacity of 214 commuters per trip, has a daily ridership of some 72,000 passengers.

In his comments, RKLFEP project manager Muhammad Isom Azis said that the trial operations was completed ahead of schedule as it had proceeded smoothly and free from major hiccups, which put into consideration in planning the time schedule.

“I dedicate this success to the comprehensive and detailed planning that the team had made in preparation of this trial operation. It is also a result of the commitment and dedication by all that were involved in the operation. For that, I thank each and every one that was part of this operation.

“In truth though, there were actually some minor teething problems at the start of the trial ops. But, our engineers managed to overcome them swiftly,” added Encik Isom, who is the Executive Vice President for Rolling Stock of Prasarana Integrated Management and Engineering Service Sdn Bhd (PRIME).

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