Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Media Release CSR Transfer EMUs Manufacturing Technology To Malaysia

Sahzwan, a son of Ismail bin Muhammad — an outstanding employee of KTMB (Malaysia Railway Co.), is influenced by his father from his childhood. He desires to become an excellent staff in railway system and to achieve greater success than his father.

His dream comes true. Sahzwan works for (Malaysia) Railway Transport Equipment Co., Ltd. of CSR (called CRM for short) and now he is studying intercity EMUs manufacturing technology in parent company of CRM — CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. (called CSR ZELC for short). After finishing study, he will return to CRM with his 13 colleagues to produce the intercity EMUs with their hands.
Sahzwan grows up in Malaysia. He is very excited when he talks about China. He says within three months he must study the advanced EMUs manufacturing technology in a systematical way and master key operation skills to make EMUs by himself smoothly in future.

The trainer of CSR ZELC says the 14 trainees have been assigned to study different production processes, for example, vehicle interior trim, equipment installation, cable connecting, vehicle commissioning, etc., according to their jobs. They have one-on-one instruction by CSR skill masters and China central enterprise technical experts with rich experience and proficient English.

Sahzwan and his colleagues say the intense and enriched theory and operation trainings are really enjoyable. He will cherish every moment in subsequent one month training.

Except learning manufacturing technology in CSR ZELC, Sahzwan and his colleagues actively take part in local culture and lives. They play football/badminton/basketball friendly matches with CSR ZELC employees in their spare time. In addition, they try to contact Muslim food and culture with Chinese characteristics to deepen their understanding of Chinese culture. It seems to Sahzwan that spending time with local staff after work could help him know the secret of rapid development of mass transit industry of CSR ZELC and learn more knowledge outside the classroom.

CRM was invested by CSR and set up in Malaysia in April last year. CSR ZELC will both ouput high-tech railway transportation equipment technology to the base and cultivate interrelated industries to increase employment for local people. Sahzwan is one of them.

Wang Luke, the General Manager of CRM, says that the first phase of CRM project will be put into production in September this year according to the project progress. ETS (namely, the additional procurement of Malaysia intercity EMUs) is the first project, and vehicles of Malaysia Ampang project will be also assembled here. Sahzwan’s father could see the EMUs manufactured by Sahzwan then.

Besides that, Zhou Qinghe, President & General Manager of CSR ZELC said, CSR ZELC will translate its EMUs R&D and management experience to CRM to design railway transportation products meeting requirements of Malaysia and ASEAN region, and to improve traveling conditions of people in Malaysia as well as to promote Malaysia railway transportation industrial cluster development.

Zhou Qinghe says that except ASEAN region, CSR ZELC has established electric locomotive manufacturing bases or mass transit vehicles manufacturing bases in Africa, Europe, and other regions. It has translated manufacturing technology and management experience to local places and cultivated local relevant industries to promote the prosperity of local economy

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