Monday, October 2, 2017

It's love for Malaysia and Racial Harmony - Mejar Huan #Negaraku

Press Statement
2nd October 2017

Datuk Huan Cheng Guan
Vice-President Parti Cinta Malaysia

"It's love for Malaysia and Racial Harmony"

In response to DAP’s Deputy Secretary P Ramasamy’s recent statement that accused me of not living up to the name of the party by calling for a ban of DAP, I wish to make the following clarifications.
Firstly, note the name of Parti Cinta Malaysia means Love Malaysia Party. It is not a party that espouses love for DAP or hatred. My call for the ban of DAP stems from my love for my country and the moral fabric of Malaysia’s racial harmony, which is at stake, thanks to the spins and lies spewed by DAP and its ilk.

Secondly, PCM has integrity and faithfulness in its love for this nation because we don’t simply love anyone or any party. We do not have one night stands and pledge love for someone only to break promises to have liaisons or one night stands again with others!

Thirdly, is Ramasamy is feeling sentimental by asking me 'Where is the Love?’, a song made famous by Black Eyed Peas? There is no place for sentimental feelings in PCM - only patriotism and national unity.

Ramasamy - sorry. Yes, PCM has love, for Malaysia and not for racial divides created by DAP.

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