Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ku Li Pilihan UMNO Menjadi Menteri Besar Kelantan

Ku Li or Nik Aziz?

Rumors going around in Kelantan now is that there is an UMNO-led consensus to nominate Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah or better known as Ku Li as a candidate for the post of the new Kelantan Menteri Besar if UMNO were to take over in the coming GE- 13.

A recent internal survey,showed that there is strong support for Ku Li almost all over the state. This is is considered a giant leap for UMNO to capture Kelantan back from PAS.What is pending now is from Ku Li himself, does he intend or will he accept the nomination from UMNO Kelantan to be appointed the UMNO Menteri Besar designate. Ku Li himself has to confirm his readiness to assume these responsibilities which of course will be welcomed by all levels of Kelantanese since he is also a prince from the Kelantan Royal Family.

The average local Umno leaders believe that with Ku Li’s and Tok Pa’s leadership qualities and experience, Ku Li will be able to provide leadership, guidance and direction to the state to return on track after 22 years of almost zero development and in the backwaters of Malaysia’s economic growth.The problem however lies with Ku Li himself whom is seen to be whacking UMNO relentlessly whenever the opportunity arises. Now UMNO itself wants Ku Li to lead it in Kelantan, will Ku Li for all his criticism eat his words and assist UMNO? After all it was due to Ku Li that UMNO lost the state in 1990.

Tok Pa is understood to be comfortable with this development as he is currently a performing full minister in MITI and the cabinet. The onus is now on PAS to demonstrate do they have a capable leader to challenge Ku Li?Previously, we can hear a lot of encouragement/praises from Pakatan Rakyat leaders, especially Anwar Ibrahim whom describe Ku Li as a man of high integrity and moral. Would Anwar Ibrahim now, knowing that Ku Li would be challenging PAS in Kelantan, say the same thing or would he now say that Ku Li is corrupted, man of no integrity and what not?

Well we should not be surprised as this is typical of Anwar Ibrahim after all.


  1. I'm fully support if Ku Li become a new Kelantan's Menteri Besar rather than Tok Pa.

    Tok Pa better remain as a MP of Jeli to extend him as a Minister of MITI.

    This is better solution should be taken and practice by BN to win in Kelantan. If not all the BN's plans to win Kelantan seats become rubbish, bullshit and nonsense!

  2. Rumours are rumours. Facts are facts. Facts can become rumours but rumours could not become facts. That's what I think. I am of the same opinion as what Megat Alam Gempita said. Ku Li is seemed as the best winnable candidate to eradicate Nik Aziz from the MB post of Kelantan. This is because he has everything from the outlook to the inner non-selfishness love for the people and the State. I can still remember and recall the moment when Tengku Razaleigh said hello to me in the lift at the former TAS Building of Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Berhad at Jalan Melaka KL even though I was in shorts and wearing the Bank's jersey returning from a hockey match for the Bank. I was honoured and blushed. But that was Ku Li. The gap between us was so wide yet he had the humble feeling to wish me. Now back to the State. Kelantan needs Ku Li as its MB to generate prosperity and development in order to be at par with other states in the country. Nik Aziz is not suitable to lead the State as the two magic words, prosperity and development are not in his vocabulary. Added to this is his unacceptable comments and opinions in degrading Islam and the Muslims at large. Too many to quote here. So I think it is time to get rid of NIk Aziz and replace him with Ku Li so that Kelantan would be developed and be prosperous accordingly. To the people of Kelantan, please be wise and intelligent enough to make the proper choice in the next general election. Salam from MM NATAR Subang Jaya.

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