Thursday, July 26, 2012

@NajwanHalimi A Disgrace To Muslims

Najwan Halimi, Anwar Ibrahim's PA has again started his nonsense by calling UMNO Ulama's as Cows. Who the hell does Najwan thinks he is to call these respected clerics such derogatory terms?

I am one not as pious as these clerics are, but in a away as a Muslim we are taught to respect 1) the elders, and 2) Orang - Orang yang berilmu. However, this PKR fellow seems obliged to insult the Ulama's as per his fancy and whims. 

To all the opposition supporters who are foaming to the mouth shouting "Fitnah UMNO" and what not, below is the screen shot that was taken from Najwan's twitter account to support my allegation. 

Let us all loving Malaysians demand that PKR and Najwan Halimi apologize for his insults to the Ulama's. At least have some respect la bro. 

Sumber : KL Chronicle


  1. Najwan Halimi, an ex-PTD at MoT yang tak lepas probation period. What to expect!

  2. hanya org bodoh saja yg tidak hormat pada org yg berilmu

  3. Tak takut ke balasan dari Allah


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