Wednesday, September 12, 2012

@cmlimguaneng SHOULD APOLOGIZE TO @Najib_Razak

His press statement called on the Home Minister to “apologize for the police’s harsh and heavy-handed treatment”.

He described the handcuffing of Sing Yee as “nothing but an abuse of power and an act of humiliation”, and criticized the police as “insensitive, irresponsible and not making any sense” (compared to the kid-glove treatment of BN leaders when they are charged for corruption). See Malaysiakini, ‘Guan Eng: Handcuffing girl is double standards‘.

He further described Sing Yee as a “young, powerless and defenceless kid” who has been victimized by the “bullying and cowardly tactics of Hishamuddin [Hussein] that question his fitness as Home Minister”.

This is one of those rare occasions when I partially agree with Kim, at least insofar as the characterization of Sing Yee as a young, powerless and defenceless kid is concerned.

It is her very powerlessness that would make her more susceptible to manipulation by Kim’s coterie to score electoral points. For her sake, it should not be allowed that she be turned into a political football like Teoh Beng Hock.

Dearest Lim Guan Eng,

How could we be accused of being double standard where even our MCA former Deputy President and Minister was being handcuffed ?

As a Organizer for an event the organizer should be responsible for whatever incident or things that is happening . Pakatan Rakyat in the first place should never used young girls to bait them into your political trap to fight the Government. As the Secretary General of DAP you should apologize for whatever that is happening in this whole issue. Moreover this young girl is wearing your DAP Rocket Red T Shirt during the incident.

Pakatan Rakyat should stop using young and innocent youth for any of your political agenda. Please do not manipulate and deceive them as your political pawn for you to capture Putrajaya. Please guide to do a healthy political culture and not bringing them out for a street violent rally that practicing dirty political culture. Please do think for their parents and also for their future.

Malaysian youth should now open your eyes to know that Pakatan Rakyat are basically using you all for all their personal political benefit. They can never replace any of you to go to over to hospital , jail or even being handcuffed by our police if anything goes wrong .

Lim Guan Eng as a respectable political leader in Malaysia should have certain integrity for blaming game. If you are really sincere about the safety and well being of Ong Sing Yee then you will never used her in your rally in the first place. You should be responsible for whatever event that you all organizer as an organizer. Moreover you had deceive most Malaysian that it will be a peaceful rally that turn out to be ugly and violent. As a leader you must not only be good in blaming others for whatever that happen but also do take certain responsibility for bad incident that is happening in your own rally.

Dearest Ong Sing Yee and all Malaysian,

This whole incident only proven to us one thing that not even a single Pakatan Rakyat leader will be responsible for your own action. What they will only be doing will be always blaming Barisan Nasional and the government. That is the only thing they can do for you. They will never take the responsibility to apologize to you and your parents for whatever that is happening. You claim in your press conference that they are the one influence you to step on our Prime Minister picture and you ignorantly follow them without knowing that it is wrong. Will they be responsible and apologize for influencing you ? No. They will and they will never do so. They lie to you that it is a peaceful assembly and you thought that by attending it everything will be fine.

Now is a great lesson to all of us where if anything happen to any of us or you the only thing Pakatan Rakyat leaders is capable of doing will only be blaming Barisan Nasional and the government. That is the only thing they can do.


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