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PART 3.1 : THE LIES, DISTORTION AND MISREPRESENTATIONS OF @rafiziramli #1Malaysia #TolakFitnah #TolakPR

Rafizi insists that 330,000 heads of cattle was the production number for the NFC project. Rafizi also insists that this target must be achieved in 2009. Rafizi also believes in a lot of other things. All these beliefs are as he claims, based on his premise of a paper that he has from the Department of Veterinary Science (DVS).

Rafizi told the Malaysian Insider (“PKR disputes government claim, says cattle project is a failure”, 1 November 2011), the ministry had aimed to produce 50,000 tonnes of beef annually by 2009, which will hit 40 per cent of the country’s demand.

“So the 50,000-tonne target means there must be at least 330,000 cattle slaughtered a year,” Rafizi said.

“Yet, the minister declared the project a success. He clearly failed to refer to these details. We are not cows, we can count,” Rafizi told a news conference in Parliament.

Rafizi fails to realize that what he has in his hands is nothing but an outdated concept paper mooted for a beef valley project. Nowhere in this concept paper was there any mention of 330,000 heads of cattle as a production target claimed by Rafizi. And even then, the production target for the Integrator of the NFC Project is 60,000 heads of cattle.

So Rafizi’s rant that 330,000 heads of cattle was the production target for NFCorp, was nothing but a big wild lie on his part to stir the minds of the ordinary man. If one examines the concept paper, one will find that it is preliminary idea designed for an entire beef valley project mooted for the National Meat Policy (Ruminant Sector) 2006. Let’s take a look at the DVS concept graphic for the truth –

In this concept graphic, the cumulative annual production target is 276,000 heads of cattle (60,000 from the Feedlot Integrator + 30,000 from three commercial farmers + 186,000 from 310 satellite contract farmers). Does this add to 330,000, one would need to ask trained accountant Rafizi?

And if you examine this graphic, one will find that NFCorp is not even mentioned in the equation. This underscores how preliminary this concept paper was. We can only assume that NFCorp takes the role of Integrator of Feedlot, Lamberts Agricultural Trade (M) Sdn Bhd is one of the commercial farmers, and the 310 others are the contract farmers who would be called in once the Export Quality Abattoir is built by the Government.

In reality, what was finally agreed in the Implementation Agreement signed between National Feedlot Corporation and the Government of Malaysia in March 2010, is entirely different from the preliminary concept paper.

To be continue...


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  1. Rafizi dan gerombolan lembu lembunya memang payah nak telan kebenaran. Fitnah dan pendustaan sudah menjadi tasbih harian mereka.

    Tahniah dan terima kasih atas perkongsian maklunat fan kebenaran.


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